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Our curriculum incorporates a variety of interesting teaching and learning approaches that push students to succeed. It focuses on instilling in them the information and skills necessary for 21st-century success.

To make learning more engaging and successful, our teachers use flipped classrooms, project-based learning, brainstorming, role play, interactive lab experiments, and self and peer evaluation.

Making choices and using coordinated movements to accomplish tasks leads the child toward self-regulation and self-control. Children develop observation and problem-solving skills. By manipulating, experimenting, and discovering, children begin to move from the concrete to the abstract as they prepare for the more complex studies of the Aryabhata International School program.​ Aryabhata International School processes are inspiring. Teacher training brings out the caring, nurturing, and encouraging role of the teacher.

Our Educational Programs

A simple day playing with my youngest, G

2 - 5 Years

Nursery School Curriculum

Aryabhata International school understands the importance of the early years in the life of a child and offers your tiny tots the right stimulation to use their imagination to their best possible abilities. With the right amalgamation of the Montessori Method, Froebel’s Play Way Method, Reggio Emilia approach, and the Kindergarten Waldorf system, the preschool curriculum at our institution is divided into six segments – 

  • Read-aloud Story

  • Explore Numbers

  • Linguistic Area

  • Art & Craft

  • Circle Time 

  • Games


Primary School Curriculum

Children are like sponges at these ages, soaking in every bit of the experience and education that they are exposed to and it’s very important to provide them a holistic education that helps them develop in all areas of life. Based on guidelines of the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), our programmes for the students of Grades 1-7 reflect integrated learning and are peppered with the right dose of extra-curricular activities.  

  • Discovery of the World

  • Language and literacy

  • Motor Skills Development

  • Numeracy

  • Social and emotional development

  • Creative Expression


High School Curriculum

The High School curriculum of Natus is academically-oriented and tailored to suit every child’s professional needs. Offering the bright young minds of today a balanced perspective on core subjects, the teachers also play the roles of mentors and help them develop their communication skills and problem-solving abilities thereby preparing them for the University as well as the workplace. We also empower our students with the right skills and knowledge to help them grow into responsible, sensible, and successful human beings.

  • Interactive Teaching 

  • Developing Core Values

  • Co-curricular Activities

  • Teaching through Projects

  • Explosion of Ideas

  • Physical Education

Special Features

Focus on joyfulness, beauty, and perfection.

Provide personal attention even in large classrooms.

Differentiate instruction and personalize learning through

Feedback and observation.

Integrate independent work.​

Development of a young child.

Encourage self and peer learning and checking.​

Use assessment rubrics that cover the broader objectives of

Create intrinsic motivation from the earliest ages.

Aryabhata International School adds value to and focuses on nurturing confidence in each child while propelling each one forward to the next level of growth.

Student Well Being

Students are often bogged down by academic pressures and other challenges and are unable to put their best efforts into education and extra-curricular activities. The ability to cope with any challenge in life largely depends on a youngster’s mental health and overall well-being. This is where schools play a crucial role. 

We understand the importance of the all-round development of a child and therefore, provide a safe and secure environment for a child to develop and flourish. Our team of skilled professionals constantly interacts with students and parents to cater to each child’s demands and ensure that all students get the best support and care even beyond school. 

Our holistic approach to education with a special focus on life skills helps students not only prosper in school but also life. 

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